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.Try and quickly master growing and feeding fodder (animal feed) sprouts to your animals. They will become healthier, just search the internet and listen to scientists, nutritionists, and numerous studies on growing and feeding fodder. Watch them get shinier coats, denser hoofs, stronger teeth and have more energy. As far as the cost goes I pay $15.00 per bag of 50/lb barley and my system at home produces 15 lb trays. At that cost for barley that works out to 30 cents per pound and you use 2 lbs per tray so that's 60 cents per tray. Take the `15 lb tray and divide by the 60 cents seed cost and you get 4 cents per lb. of finished fodder. Now you do the math for your feed in your area and see what you get. I know in Central Oregon decent hay is about $220.00 per ton. That works out to 11 cents per pound so compare that to the 4 cents for fodder!
This simple but clever fodder system produces approx. 12-15 lbs of fresh fodder every day after an 8 day start up period. Winter and spring are when traditional feed stuffs costs go up in many parts of the country. I use 2 lbs of barley or wheat seed, pre-soak it the night before, place it evenly in the growing tray and slide it into the rack. The watering system is based on the principle of nutrient film which basically flows water evenly in one end and out the other. The trays are at a calculated slope and the water ends up in the reservoir and is re-used. The pump is hooked to a programmable timer which can have up to 7 watering cycles per day. The kit comes complete with racks (KD), pump, tubes, water reservoir and 8 heavy duty specially designed trays. A manual is included which includes instructions for assembly and growing tips and ideas. The feed is good for any farm animal and leads to higher nutrition for the animals due to freshness, nutrition of barley or wheat that is sprouted, and super high digestibility. This is because fodder creates millions of natural enzymes during the sprouting stage of the plant. The enzymes help the animal break down all food stuffs much more readily. I have working knowledge of fodder growing due to working for a company that produced large scale machines. This is a good inexpensive way to try your hand at growing fodder and seeing your animals reaction to it. It is also great for juicing for yourself. I have pictured larger sizes that are also available including a 16 ($370.00), 24 ($435,00), and 32 ($545.00) tray systems and also a lighting option for these systems (+40.00). Custom fodder consultation also available. Call Greg @ show contact info and lets see if fodder can work for you and your operation. Facebook business page : Fodder Feeding System
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