Free to good home: Lionhead Bunny (Moscow)

I have a 5 year old male Lionhead bunny I'm looking to rehome whose name is Polly. When I first got him we thought he was a female and after getting him fixed I have simply refused to change his name. He's gentle and easy going but does not like to be picked up (though he will learn to trust you for routine grooming). He is an indoor bunny and I have essentially connected two wire cages together to make him a safe space but he does get a lot of time outside of his cage. One of his quirks that works in my favor is that if you put him on a slick floor -hard wood, linoleum, etc- and he has a good sized rug he will self contain to the rug because he doesn't like the slick floor. It's very convenient. He is also potty trained- he will only go to the bathroom in his cage. He's pretty low maintenance excepting 2 things: rabbit hair, much like dog or cat hair, gets everywhere and he does need to be brushed somewhat regularly due to his breed. The second thing being that you will need to clean his cage once a week. He's not really smelly or messy if you are consistent if you follow that schedule. He doesn't really do too well with young children- he is a prey animal and as such doesn't like super loud environments with large quick moving people. Over time he will adapt to the sounds of the house but initially he will be skittish. With all of that being said I care very deeply for this bunny but my boyfriend is allergic to hay and it's become a pretty difficult adjustment for him. I am willing to get rid of him and all of his toys/supplies/etc. for no price, but I will want to see the space where you intend to keep him before I agree to let you take him. He doesn't need his own room or anything elaborate, I just want to know he will be in a safe, clean home with at least some space for him to enjoy. Feel free to email me with questions or if you would like to meet him. We are moving up to Moscow after the 1st of October so we can schedule a time for you to meet after that.
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